Sports Medicine Traumatology

.​The Sports Medicine and Traumatology Unit of HM Hospitals brings together a group of medical professionals and from different disciplines in the treatment of sports injuries and makes this experience available to the amateur athlete.

The trauma medicine and sports medicine unit offers the amateur athlete the diagnostic means and treatments that are applied to professional athletes.


Sports Medicine and Traumatology Activity Center

HM Torrelodones University Hospital

Castillo Olivares Avenue s / n

28250 Torrelodones, Madrid

Tlf. 902 575 896

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Special Services and Techniques Sports Medicine

  • Sports-medical examinations: which include trauma and cardiology evaluation, echocardiogram and maximum ergometry with gas analysis.
  • Medicine, Sports Traumatology and Rehabilitation Consultation.
  • Sports Physiotherapy Sessions.
  • Functional treatment of ankle sprain.
  • Functional treatment of lumbosciatica and acute cervicobrachialgia.
  • Functional treatment of muscle fibrillary rupture grade 2.
  • Recovery for sport of patients operated on for meniscus, cruciate ligaments, shoulder injuries ...
  • Dynamic study of the support and creation of ergonomic insoles.
  • Functional bandage; clothing and training.
  • Therapeutic Pilates.
  • Back school.
  • Biological treatments. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP) infiltrations for enthesitis and joint pathology.
  • Therapeutic infiltrations.
  • Consultation of psychology applied to sport. Individualized and collective psychological care for athletes.

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Traumatology and Sports Medicine Medical Team

  • Unit Director Dr. Ángel Hernández Yañez.
  • Director of Rehabilitation: Dra. Mrs. Rosa Llorca Palomera.
  • Physiotherapist: Mr. Víctor Miguel.
  • Podiatrist: Ms. Mónica Bernues Fernández.
  • Psychologist: Ms. Triana Sanz Font.

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