HM Puerta del Sur Hospital in Madrid With more than 24,000 m2 of surface and recently inaugurated, the HM Puerta del Sur Hospital provides a health offer to an area of influence that exceeds one million inhabitants, such as Móstoles. It also houses the HM CINAC center for the treatment of Parkinson's and essential tremo



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Services in the Basement of the Hospital HM Puerta del Sur in Móstoles

In the basement of the HM Puerta del Sur University Hospital we have a multitude of medical and hospital services, all of them with cutting-edge technology for the detection of all types of diseases.

  • Pathological anatomy
  • General inquiries
  • Diagnostic imaging
  • Cancer clinical trials (HM CIOCC).
  • Mammography Equipment with Tomosynthesis
  • Pharmacy
  • Rehabilitation Gym
  • Cancer Day Hospital
  • Clinical Analysis Laboratories
  • Nuclear medicine
  • Medical Oncology
  • Central services
  • State-of-the-art Medical-Radiotherapy Oncology Service.
  • Blood Donation Unit
  • Assisted Reproduction Unit
  • Emergencies

PET-RM Biograph mRM from Siemens Healthcare

It is the world's first system capable of integrating whole body molecular magnetic resonance imaging with data acquisition technology. The new team makes new imaging opportunities available to specialists thanks to its ability to capture MR and PET data simultaneously.


This innovative system has the potential to be an especially valuable tool to identify the patient's neurological, oncological and cardiac conditions and to facilitate the planning of adequate therapies.


Since MRI does not emit ionizing radiation, Biograph mRM has the benefit of low-dose imaging. It also opens up new opportunities for research, such as the development of new biomarkers or new therapeutic approaches.


Medical and Hospital Services on the Ground Floor of the HM Puerta del Sur Hospital

  • Access to HM CINAC (Specialized Services in Neurology, Neurosurgery, Psychiatry)
  • Cafeteria
  • Chapel
  • General inquiries
  • Address
  • Main reception of the General Hospital and Admission of patients.
  • Auditorium with capacity for 100 people
  • Digestive System Unit
  • Hospitalization Unit with 15 rooms, consultations, treatment rooms and research area for personalized treatments.



Hospitalization and Teaching Area on the First Floor of the HM Puerta del Sur Hospital

  • General Hospitalization Areas: 73 rooms that can be modify to make 111 rooms
  • Teaching Unit: Four classrooms, Library and offices with independent access from the ground floor
  • Surgical Area, Gyneco-Obstetric Area and Maternity on the Second Floor of HM Puerta del Sur
  • Surgical area: With two major outpatient operating rooms, five general operating rooms, an integrated operating room, an awakening room, a sterilization area and the obstetric block with three delivery rooms and resuscitation of newborns, in addition to the Adult ICU, Neonatal ICU, Care Intermediates and the Day Hospital.
  • Gyneco-Obstetric and Maternity Area: 31 maternal-pediatric rooms, Nursing and Nest, and four Labor and Recovery Work Units with resuscitation room for newborns. The hospital also has a low intervention delivery unit or natural delivery.


 Hospital Services 

HM Puerta del Sur Hospital has 123 beds (expandable to 160) for conventional hospitalization with large individual rooms, individual rooms equipped with electric beds and a companion bed, telephone, TV and Internet, call and communication systems with the nursing control.


  • Adult ICU

8 initial beds, expandable to 16


  • Neonatal open-door ICU

16 beds


  • Hemodynamics, Vascular Radiology and Neuroradiology Room. Incorporated into the surgical block.


  • Adult Medical-Surgical Day Hospital

6 starting positions


  • Adult Cancer Day Clinic

14 bed, 4 of them for clinical trials specifically


  • Operating Rooms Area

With 11 operating rooms and a specific obstetric-gynecological area (3 operating rooms / delivery rooms).


  • Maternal-obstetric hospitalization area

35 beds (4 of them, Labor and Recovery Work Units).


  • Psychiatric hospitalization area

15 beds


  • 24-hour adult and pediatric emergency areas

Differentiated external consultation areas


Laboratory Service

  • Clinical Analysis, Microbiology and Parasitology, Genetics and Molecular Diagnosis.
  • Transfusion Service and Blood Donation Unit.
  • Cryopreservation of umbilical cord blood stem cells.
  • Laboratory of Pathological Anatomy.
  • Hospital pharmacy.



Medical Assistance Offer

The HM Puerta del Sur University Hospital has most of the medical and surgical specialties currently recognized by the Ministry of Health, and some exclusive specialties at HM Hospitals.


HM IMI Toledo Polyclinic

Joined to this hospital is a network of associated polyclinics, among which stands out HM IMI Toledo, which is located in Toledo. It is considered one of the most important areas of influence of this new Hospital.


HM Getafe Polyclinic

At HM Hospitals we want to be close to you. For this reason, continuing our growth policy, we present to you the new HM Getafe Polyclinic that we have incorporated into our wide network of centers in the Community of Madrid.

To guarantee the best quality of care, this new center, attached to the HM Puerta del Sur University Hospital, has more than 700 m2 of facilities, prestigious healthcare personnel and the latest technological advances.


Radiology Service

The Radiology Service is fully digitized and collaborates closely with other hospital services in order to offer the best diagnostic quality. It also offers specific Radiology service for Women



  • 3T PET-NMR.
  • 3T NMR-HIFU.
  • NMR 1.5.
  • Two Multislice CT of 80 and 32 cuts respectively.
  • Mammography with tomosynthesis, BAV, BAG and PAAF Mama.
  • High resolution digital ultrasonography.
  • Orthopantomographer and digital remote control.


PET-RM Biograph mRM from Siemens Healthcare

PET-RM integrado con paciente.jpg

Medical Programs

  • Shock Wave Treatments
  • Colposcopies, HPV Vaccines and Lower Genital Tract Pathologies


Medical services

  • Digestive Apparatus and Endoscopy
  • Therapeutic Targets
  • Care for those injured in a car or motorcycle accident
  • Neurosurgery
  • Obstetrics and Gynecology
  • Psychiatry and Gynecology
  • Diagnostic Imaging - Radiology



Medical Units

  • Cardiology
  • Pain treatment
  • Natural birth
  • Sleeping problems


International patient department 

In order to request medical assessment, you may contact us  choose HM PUERTA DEL SUR on the form.


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