HM Hospitales, Sanitary Centers

In 1990 Dr. Juan Abarca Campal leads a group of doctors and, together with Dr. Carmen Cidón Tamargo, manages to launch a project to develop a new model of doing private medicine in Spain. Based on the quality of care, professional qualification, research, teaching and technology, HM Hospitals was born with the rehabilitation and putting into operation of the old San Pedro Hospital, today the HM Madrid University Hospital.

The basic ideas that this promoter group maintains since its formation are the following:

  • In order for any well-trained professional doctor to be able to practice his profession achieving the best possible results, it is necessary for him to have the freedom to carry out the diagnostic studies and treatments he deems necessary, without interference, pressure or limitations other than the doctor-patient relationship.
  • A private hospital is a very complex company, but basic and primarily sanitary, so it can only be properly managed by clinical doctors who, as such, have lived many years in hospital. But these doctors also need to be good managers, which is rare.
  • Health care physicians must be co-owners of the private center in which they work, but hospital ownership must be balanced; It must belong to the doctors who work in it, but also to other people and entities, professionals, businessmen, etc., who analyze and consider the center from other points of view, as possible users and as shareholders who expect good management and a return on your investment.

Associating these premises and combining the interests of the owners; a balanced hospital company, in which quality predominates, but based on a rigorous economic policy that makes it possible to obtain benefits, is obtained from the doctors and from our patients and their families. But the achievement of benefits has never been for HM Hospitals an exclusive purpose, but an essential means to continue offering a quality healthcare of excellence. But it is that, in addition, the excellent quality of care, although at a certain moment it may seem opposed to the immediate economic results, in the medium and long term it is always, through high prestige, the best guarantee to obtain them.

This way of working has allowed us to continue growing until we currently have seven hospitals in the Community of Madrid, four in Galicia, two in León and three highly specialized monographic centers in Cardiology Oncology and Neuroscience, in addition to 21 polyclinics in Ownership and many others in collaboration, which makes HM Hospitals one of the largest hospital groups in the country, not only for its volume, but also for its pioneering nature to always be at the forefront of private medicine in Spain.

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