Our Comprehensive Cardiovascular Diseases Center is located in Madrid and Barcelona.

About us

Your heart is the centre of everything and each of its beats transports life to the rest of your body by filling it with energy. You are the centre of HM Hospitales and we want for you and your heart to always receive the best medical attention thanks to the latest technology and to a team of highly qualified professionals.


HM CIEC is the Comprehensive Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases created in 2013 by HM Hospitales group. In a short time it has become the private flagship centre at national level in treatments for cardiovascular diseases. Our seat is located at University HM Montepríncipe hospital and comprehends all cardiology activity of HM hospitals and clinics in the Region of Madrid.


HM CIEC enables the exclusive work of a highly qualified team of cardiologists, cardiac surgeons and nursing staff every day all year-round.

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This pioneering and ambitious project, unique in the domain of Spanish private health care, develops multidisciplinary and comprehensively the professional experience of national and international renowned cardiologists in the different fields of cardiovascular diseases.


HM CIEC has access to

• Clinical care protocols through specialised units.

• Cardiovascular research lines supported by HM Hospitales Research Foundation in which participate shared professionals with the Spanish National Cardiovascular Research Centre

(CNIC) led by Dr Valentín Fuster.

• Undergraduate and postgraduate teaching programmes associated to the prestigious Medical School of San Pablo CEU University.

HM CIEC applies unified protocols for care, research and teaching in the field of cardiovascular disease.


We are your HEART


HM CIEC places the patient at the centre of care through personalised medicine based on scientific evidence and with a series of pillars that make us unique.


Personalised assistance for each patient since arrival. Through our CardioCare service, we take responsibility for assisting you throughout the process of your disease and for working in coordination with the medical team. In addition, to achieve the greatest level of confidence between doctor and patient, the relevant practitioners and the nursing staff complete the daily communication with the patient and relatives about the therapeutic and diagnostic protocols applied.


Multidisciplinary cooperation within HM CIEC for specific cardiac pathologies (Heart Team) with many specialists such as internal medicine doctors, endocrinologists, radiologists, pathologists and physiotherapists.


Translational research to apply to the patient the most effective and innovative measures, both from the diagnostic and therapeutic point of view, proven in clinical trials.


High investment in technology that goes from genetic tests to predict cardiovascular risk to state-of-the-art cardiac imaging equipment. Some of the equipment we have is unique in Spain, such as the simultaneously acquired PET-MRI with very high field and 3 Tesla that studies the cardiac function and anatomy. We also have cardiac electrophysiology labs equipped with the latest robotic tools.


Strong teaching determination that enables the transfer of knowledge through continuous training and refresher courses.


HM CIEC promotes a multidisciplinary collaboration in complex pathologies of the cardiovascular system, allowing the best diagnostic and therapeutic approach.


Where is HM CIEC?


HM CIEC Madrid

HM CIEC is located inside University HM Montepríncipe hospital, and therefore counts on the support of all of the existing technical and human means of the hospital and integrates all specialities necessary for the treatment of cardiovascular diseases.


At University HM Montepríncipe hospital, HM CIEC has 2 hospitalisation units with 26 beds with option for remote monitoring, which allows the patient to wander and thus facilitates recovery with greatest safety.

It also has 2 Procedure rooms in said centre and one more at University HM Sanchinarro hospital.

Just like the rest of HM Hospitales centres, HM CIEC provides free Wi-Fi connection.


HM CIEC Barcelona

HM Hospitales continues increasing its highly specialised medical offer in Barcelona thanks to the setting up of the Comprehensive Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases HM CIEC Barcelona led by the prestigious cardiologist and elected president of the Spanish Society of Cardiology, Dr Ángel Cequier.


HM CIEC Barcelona, based at HM Delfos Hospital, will offer a complete range of services in Cardiology that will include Clinical Cardiology, Cardiac Imaging, Percutaneous and Hemodynamic interventions, Cardiac surgery and Electrophysiology. The coordination of all these fields together with the cooperation with HM CIEC Madrid will facilitate offering to the patient a comprehensive and cross-practice treatment of the pathology. The number of cases that we are able to treat with the maximum care quality will be increased gradually.



Cardiologists in Madrid for Coronary Diseases

HM CIEC, the Comprehensive Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases, assesses the different cases during multidisciplinary sessions among all specialists in Cardiology and related areas of the different HM Hospitales centres involved in the treatment process of the patient: Cardiologists, Surgeons, Electrophysiology and Arrhythmia specialists, etc.


HM CIEC has been established as the major private centre for specialised care of high complexity cardiovascular pathologies. Last year, HM CIEC treated 11,677 outpatients and 2,926 inpatients. Lastly, the number of surgical patients that underwent surgery increased to 228 in 2016, one of the highest figures in our country.


HM CIEC is located in Madrid, in Boadilla del Monte, inside University HM Montepríncipe hospital.

Medical Specialities offered by HM CIEC, Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases

HM CIEC is characterised by the comprehensive, multidisciplinary, horizontal, consensual and personalised care for patients with coronary diseases. For that purpose, we provide patients with all medical specialities at the service of their hearts:


-Angiology and Vascular Surgery: This medical specialty is in charge of the study of the vessels of the circulatory and lymphatic system, including the anatomy of blood vessels (such as arteries, veins and capillaries) and that of lymphatic vessels and the diseases that affect them.

-Cardiology: The best cardiologists in Madrid are at HM CIEC. Cardiologists are doctors specially prepared to treat patients with cardiovascular problems, as clinicians or as technicians specialised in diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

- Cardiac Electrophysiology: It specialises in the study and treatment of electrical abnormalities of the heart. The arrhythmias most frequently treated in this unit are atrial fibrillation, tachycardia and Wolf-Parkinson-White syndrome.

-Cardiac Hemodynamics: Placement of intracoronary devices and performance of valvuloplasties (modifications in valvular anatomy) for the treatment of coronary and valvular disorders respectively.


Special Cardiology Programs and Services at HM CIEC

HM CIEC offers special medical programs:

-Cardiac Imaging : Basic echocardiography, advanced echocardiography, cardio MRI, cardio CT scan. It consists of an echocardiography lab, located at University HM Montepríncipe Hospital, which is connected to the rest of hospitals.


-Valve Diseases : Common diagnostic and treatment protocols for valve diseases.


-Clinical Cardiology : Counts on all necessary diagnostic technology to provide patients with vascular diseases with the right treatment.

-Vascular Surgery: Participates in the assessment processes of patients with vascular and cardiac pathologies.

-Cardiac Electrophysiology and Clinical Arrhythmology : The most advanced technology. Cryoablation, Radiofrequency, Electrophysiological studies, implant of devices, pacemakers.

-Hemodynamics and Interventional Cardiology : Care for all type of patients. From adults to newborns. Aortography, Ventriculography, Valvuloplasties, Diagnostic coronary angiography, Angioplasties.

-Congenital heart diseases and Cardiac Surgery Service : Surgeries that use minimally invasive techniques.


-Cardiac physiotherapy: Personalised training plan for each patient with the aim of achieving an optimal functional capacity after the treatment of a cardiovascular pathology in case of medical recommendation.

International patients


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