Last April 2019, HM Hospitales announced the acquisition of more than 75% of the shareholding of the historic Sant Jordi Clinic in Barcelona. Thus, the Sant Jordi Clinic will be renamed HM Sant Jordi and becomes the second hospital center of HM Hospitales in Barcelona, ​​with the aim of forming a healthcare, teaching and research project similar to the one that the Group has in the Community of Madrid.


The HM Sant Jordi Hospital is a medical-surgical and obstetric hospital located in the heart of the Sant Andreu neighborhood in Plaza de la Estación, in Barcelona.

In 1925, Dr. Josep Dencàs Puigdollers, following the tradition of mutual groups in Catalonia, called "brotherhoods", is associated with a colleague, Dr. Agustí Marí Guinart and, with the moral and economic support of Dr. Josep Cararach Mauri, founded Clínica Sant Jordi, located in Plaça de l'Estació de Sant Andreu, where they were already practicing medicine at the time.

With the rental of an old neoclassical style tower occupied by the firm Cafés Debray, in 1928 the professional career of Clínica Sant Jordi began.

In 1929, Dr. Pere Màrtir Cararach Rivera, who has just completed his doctorate in Madrid, and Francisco Prats Jovés, an expert on mutual issues, who is in charge of business management.

With this expansion of the team, Clínica Sant Jordi acquires consistency and becomes a health care insurance company with its own clinic to care for its policyholders. At that time, the care structure offers the specialties of General Surgery, General Medicine, Ophthalmology, Digestology, Dermatology and Otorhinolaryngology, and has laboratory and radiology services.

From its inception to the present day, in other words, for more than eighty years, Clínica Sant Jordi has grown in all aspects: structurally, with the creation of new services, and welfare, with services always based on the prevention, cure and rehabilitation of treatments. And its growth continues to be guaranteed with the future expansion project of the center.

Hospital Services


Emergency Service

Diagnostic and Support Services

Gynecological and Obstetric Institute

Paediatrics Service

Mental Health Services

Surgical Block

Radiology Service

Medical Specialties Consultations


One of the lessons we have learned after weeks of confinement and a state of alarm over the COVID-19 pandemic is the fact that normalcy, as we knew it before, will not return. In fact, it illuminates a ‘new normalcy’ in which all interpersonal and social relationships have changed. We all look with suspicion at the physical contact, greetings and hugs that until a few weeks ago was a hallmark of our warm character as a society.

Therefore, the relationship with our hospitals and our healthcare professionals has also changed. In this sense, many things have changed, and perhaps a very important one is the fact that before the pandemic the use of protective measures such as gloves or a mask in the health field were synonymous with risk and danger. Instead, today, a mask and gloves are a guarantee of protection and respect for the health of the patient.

Safety is the main thing and that is why when you go to our hospitals you will see that we have taken many measures in this direction. HM Hospitals has implemented a series of initiatives and adapted its centers to offer our patients low-exposure COVID circuits in accesses, corridors, waiting rooms, elevators and counters with protective screens, which are properly signposted and where have installed safety distance indicators and other recommendations:

  • Separation between patients at the counters
  • Separation between patients in waiting rooms and benches
  • Identification on floors, corridors, walls and elevators

In the consultations, our staff will assist you equipped with a mask, gloves and protective facial screens that guarantee your safety and that of health professionals . Cleaning and disinfection services have also been redoubled .

There is also the possibility of making telephone inquiries to schedule appointments and the online appointment service through the website . In fact, each patient will receive in their email a previous receipt of their visit to the hospital, which will serve as an authorization to explain to the authorities their departure.

The only safety measure you should bring from home is a mask . We take care of the rest.

Because our main goal is and will be to preserve the health of our patients, at HM Hospitals we offer maximum safety and peace of mind . Therefore, the Group's hospitals and polyclinics are trusted and protected places to be able to carry out all the necessary care activity there.

General Admissions Service

At the Admission Service, the professional in charge of welcoming you to the clinic will explain all the protocols you must follow to complete admission, discharge and / or voluntary discharge. In summary, do not forget the following points:

Admission to the Hospitalization Area

If you belong to a mutual society or insurance company, provide the letter of authorization for admission to Clínica Sant Jordi.

At the request of your responsible doctor.

Authorized consent signed to be able to comply with current law.

Copy of your ID card and your insurance company card.

Discharge from the Hospitalization Area

Your medical officer and nursing staff will provide you with the following documents:

Medical discharge report


International patients

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