Our partners

Why should we work with partners? To provide a comprehensive service to our patients to get more benefits during their medical assistance.

​We are very proud of being part of  the international community in Spain, our goal is to provide a complete medical assistance so that each and every one of our patients and relatives will be completely satisfied in every aspect. 

The result will be a better medical and personalized assistance, we are able to provide a comprehensive service with the cooperation with different partners of differents fields, tohelp you before, during and after your staying in Madrid. 

In case you need accomodation for families or friends, suggestions about what to do in Madrid, problems with your transports, flights in case you need to change it because of a medical emergency, etc. 

  • Education´s Institutions
  • Students and relocation or any other service companies for expats.
  • Insurance companies 
  • Multilingual mental health´s centers.
  • Home doctor´s providers
  • Travel agencies
  • Consulates

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