HM Hospitales History

In 1989, Dr. Juan Abarca Campal led a group of doctors and, together with Dr. Carmen Cidón Tamargo, succeeds in launching a project to develop a new model of private medicine in Spain, HM Hospitales.

From then until today, our devotion to the health care of patients and their families has led us to become the Hospital Group of reference.

At HM Hospitales all our centers work as an integrated care network, which ensures that our patients, wherever they are, enjoy the same excellence in care and the same care processes. This network structure acquires special importance in Oncology, Cardiology, Neurosciences and Fertility, therapeutic areas of super specialization for the Group.

Annual report 2020:

Memoria HM 2020 OK_EN.pdf

Basic pillars

Most important thing:

  • The patient
  • Long Term Vision
  • Collaboration with the professional
  • Internal promotion and retention of talent
  • Quality-based management system
  • Permanent technological update
  • Seeking an integral medical offer
  • Bet on complexity
  • Balance between company and Hospital

Facilities of HM Hospitals

  • 41 Centers
  • 1,468 beds
  • 101 operating rooms
  • 297 Diagnosis by image

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