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Education in hm hospitales. We received international doctors and student from worldwide. Postgraduate Pregraduate Premedicine


The HM Hospitales Group collaborates with CEU San Pablo University on undergraduate teaching for the various health

sciences degrees, including medicine, dentistry and nursing.

Most of our teaching staff have trained at active clinics that combine their teaching and healthcare activities in their daily work. This integration of healthcare, teaching and research fosters both the academic development of our teachers and the practical training of our students. In 2017, a signifcant percentage of our teaching staff had obtained doctorates.

The number of undergraduate students has continued to grow in recent years, currently amounting to 917 students in medicine, 510 in dentistry and 168 in nursing, in addition to the students on other degree courses such as psychology, physiotherapy, pharmacy and biomedical engineering.

In the 2016/2017 academic year, the degree in dentistry was re- accredited by the agency Madri+d, and in the next academic year the degree in medicine will be subjected to the re-accreditation process.

The medical simulation programmes offered to students on the degrees in medicine and nursing have been given a substantial boost; there are now several advanced simulation rooms to complement the practical training of our students.

Lastly, HM Hospitales has hosted a large number of Erasmus students and foreign trainees this academic year, 35 international trainees having taken advantage of various internships offered by our Group.


The Department of Postgraduate Teaching has been integrated into the HM Hospitales Research Foundation (FiHM) from both an administrative and an executive point of view. For this reason, the results and goals have been transferred to the new structure.


  • Specialist MIR training
  • Fellowship programmes
  • Continuous training for the medical profession
  • International internships
  • Master’s programmes
  • Doctorate programmes

HM Hospitales has two committees that are directly related to teaching activity for undergraduate, postgraduate, continuous training and specialist MRI training courses. The frst of these, the Training Committee, as opposed to

the Postgraduate Teaching Committee, covers training on degrees in medicine, nursing, psychology, physiotherapy, dentistry and pharmacy and on courses at the HM Institute of Biomedical Professions, and also includes certain postgraduate activities: continuous training, master’s programmes, fellowship programmes and international traineeships.

The Postgraduate Teaching Committee addresses issues related exclusively to specialist training for the Spanish medical residency examination (MIR), and is the representative professional body within HM Hospitales.

The Postgraduate Teaching Committee addresses issues related exclusively to specialist training for the Spanish medical residency examination (MIR), and is the representative professional body within HM Hospitales.


Currently accredited specialities and the number of residents are given below:

  • Radiation Oncology: 4 trainee residents
  • Paediatrics and its specifc areas: 4 trainee residents
  • Obstetrics and Gynaecology: 4 trainee residents
  • Internal Medicine: 4 trainee residents

Specialities currently in the process of accreditation are:

  • Cardiology
  • Nuclear Medicine
  • Medical Oncology
  • General Surgery and Digestive System


The Fellowship programme at HM Hospitales aims to provide supplementary training to specialist doctors in areas of knowledge which, despite not being currently recognised as specialities, constitute sub-specialities of their own

in day-to-day practice. To this end, we have organised four programmes with varying content led by internationally renowned medical teams. The current programmes are listed below:

  • Fellowship Programme at the Cardiac Imaging Unit: led by Dr. Leticia Fernández Friera and Dr. Jorge Solís
  • Fellowship Programme in Cardiac Electrophysiology: led by Dr. Jesús Almendral Garrote
  • Fellowship Programme in Medical Oncology: led by Dr. Antonio Cubillo Gracián
  • Fellowship Programme in Paediatric Oncohaematology: led by Dr. Blanca López-Ibor Aliño



    In 2017, the HM Hospitales Postgraduate Department arranged a large number of courses, conferences and teaching sessions, which were held at the various centres of the HM Hospitales Group with the aim of improving the training of doctors, residents and also patients. Ten or so of these activities were accredited in 2017 by the Continuous Training Committee of the Community of Madrid. The number of training hours exceeded 200.


    Given the HM Hospitales Group's role as a provider of university-level teaching, the Internship Programme offers specialist doctors, resident doctors and students from all over the world the chance to stay in our hospitals for varying amounts of time depending on their training needs. This way, they can learn all kinds of medical, surgical, robotic, laboratory and diagnostic imaging techniques from the healthcare professionals at HM Hospitales, along with everything that cutting-edge medicine in the 21st century has to offer.

    Thanks to our efforts to develop the programme and to the much appreciated help of all those professionals who make it possible, in 2017 HM Hospitales hosted more than 60 Spanish residents and more than 25 international doctors. We also received 71 medical and pre-medical students from the United States.

    education in hm hospitales

    Teaching at HM Hospitales: Training for Doctors and Specialists

    One of the main goals of HM Hospitales is to promote teaching for the purpose of continuously improving the quality of our healthcare. The HM Hospitales teaching project originated naturally and gradually in 1998, beginning with basic qualifications that evolved into the training for doctors and specialists that's offered today. But it was the year 2005-2006 which saw the definitive establishment of the Teaching and Continuing Education department and the HM Hospitales Teaching Committee.

    The HM Hospitales teaching project originated in1998 and today is dedicated to providing training for doctors and specialists.

    The year 2006-2007 brought with it an improvement in teaching infrastructure (the Hall of Hospital Universitario HM Sanchinarro, with a capacity of 250 people, audiovisual and videoconference equipment, and a link to an operating theatre). And the designation of Hospital Universitario HM Montepríncipe as a university hospital in September 2007 represented a reward for pursuing the teaching avenue, for the teaching efforts of the staff, and for the leadership of HM Hospitales, which firmly believes in combining healthcare activity with teaching and research in order to be able to provide safe and high-quality health services.

    In April 2008, HM Hospitales signed an agreement with CEU San Pablo University for the collaborative teaching of qualifications offered at the Faculty of Medicine.

    The year 2009 saw the following milestones in teaching and continuing education:


    Agencia Laín Entralgo, of the Community of Madrid, accredits all HM Hospitales centers as university centers.

    In March 2009, HM Hospitales becomes the first private hospital group to be accredited for specialized medical training (Spain's "MIR" training system).

    The Clínica Universitaria Odontológica CEU-HM opens.

    The year 2010 featured the following key events:

    In March, the Fundación Hospital de Madrid and the Fundación CNIO Carlos III sign a partnership agreement to promote research and innovation in the diagnosis and treatment of cancer.

    In May, a welcome event is held for the first resident doctors beginning their MIR post-graduate training at HM Hospitales centers. One resident is incorporated for each of the specialties of Paediatrics, Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and Radiotherapeutic Oncology.

    And lastly, in June, the 6th Fundación Hospital de Madrid Awards are held. Awards include recognitions for efforts in Translational Medicine, paid placements at CIOCC, and scholarships for degrees in nursing and advanced diplomas in imaging for diagnostics and radiotherapy.



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