Medical Director. Dra. Virginia Grando. HM Montepríncipe Medical Director. Hospital Universitario HM Montepríncipe is a well- established and mature hospital. We work to ensure that patients and their loved ones choose us as their go-to hospital, and our continued business growth every year is evidence that they appreciate our track record, which encourages us to keep improving.



About us

 HM Montepríncipe, it is a medical and surgical hospital and maternity clinic at the cutting edge of clinical innovation and healthcare quality. It was the frst private hospital in Spain to gain DIN-EN-ISO 9001:2008 certifcation for all its services. In September 2007 it also became the frst private hospital in the Community of Madrid to be accredited as a university centre, that certifcation being later extended to all HM Hospitales centres.

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With a built area of more than 21,500 m , the hospital provides all medical/surgical specialities, both for adults and for children, together with a 24-hour A&E service.

The Diagnostic Imaging Department is kitted out with the most modern healthcare technology and conventional radiology equipment, including ultrasound equipment, digital mammography equipment and the new 160-slice CT scanner, which produces all kinds of scans more quickly at higher resolution, exposing the patient to less radiation.



• 130 rooms
• 15 outpatient medical-surgical beds
• 8 outpatient adult oncology cubicles
• 8 outpatient paediatric oncology cubicles
• 8 emergency adult cubicles
• 5 emergency paediatric cubicles
• 2 emergency gynaecology cubicles
• 56 consultation rooms
• 11 operating theatres (1 hybrid operating theatre)
• 2 delivery rooms
• 2 labour and recovery units
• Haemodynamics and interventional radiology room
• Electrophysiology room
• 16 adult ICU beds
• 17 Paediatric and Neonatal ICU beds
• Paediatric Oncology
• 3 MRI scanners (2 high-field 1.5 T and 1 dynamic 0.7 T)
• 160-slice CAT scanner
• 3D echocardiography and vascular ultrasound
• Digital mammography
• Digital remote control 
• Three-dimensional ultrasound scanner
• 500 parking spaces


• Acute Stroke Programme

• Infammatory Bowel Disease Unit

• Extracorporeal Lithotripsy Programme

• Paediatric Orthopaedics and Traumatology Programme • High-Risk Pregnancy Unit

• Diabetes Unit • Neonatal ICU

• Paediatric Heart Surgery

• Hiperbaric medicine unit.

HM Montepríncipe, Medical & Surgical, Maternity & Child Hospital

University Hospital HM Montepríncipe is a Medical & Surgical, Maternity & Child hospital inaugurated in 1998 and located on Montepríncipe Avenue in Boadilla del Monte, Madrid.

HM Monteprincipe has all medical and surgical specialties both for children and adults.


It has around 200 beds, distributed among adult ICU, neonatal and child ICU, general hospitalisation wards, cardiology hospitalisation wards with private rooms, child and adult day hospital, child and adult oncology day hospital and chest pain unit. It also houses a clinical analysis and microbiology laboratory, a blood bank and an anatomical pathology laboratory.



HM Montepríncipe hospital also includes 24/7 ER service and Neonatal ICU, being a flagship centre at national level thanks to the high degree of specialisation of its maternity ward, with over 50,000 deliveries to date.

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The hospital is equipped with a large surgery area and the latest state-of-the-art health technology.


Its Diagnostic Imaging Service is provided with equipment for conventional radiology, ultrasound, digital mammography, 160 slice CT scan, virtual colonoscopy, Dentascan and coronary CT scan, 1.5 Tesla high field closed MRI, cardio MRI, functional neurological MRI, spectroscopy, full body MRI, paediatric MRI, 0.7 Tesla open MRI, dynamic 0.7 Tesla MRI, bone densitometry and orthopantomography.


HM Montepríncipe facilities include several buildings that house the outpatient consultations for the different specialities such as Paediatrics, Gynaecology and Obstetrics and the outpatient area of the Comprehensive Centre for Cardiovascular Diseases (CIEC). In addition, it holds the HM Hospitales and CEU San Pablo University teaching Pavilion, where junior doctors in training from this institution receive theoretical and practical training in the framework of our teaching project.

Moreover, the hospital has a car park with over 500 spaces.


The University HM Montepríncipe hospital, managed by the HM Hospitales Group, meant a challenge in its day for the over 200 medicine professionals and other private shareholders that committed decisively to a new conception of private health care in Spain.

Today, experience has shown that the free initiative of these professionals and the determined support of society are the two factors that are making possible a change in hospitals, because that change is already a reality.


 Operating room

The balanced combination of the most advanced technology, the effort and dedication of great medicine professionals committed to their job with enthusiasm in the centre of which they are co-owners together with an offer of care quality and good treatment for the patient have allowed University HM Montepríncipe hospital to start its journey with the accumulated experience of University HM Madrid hospital and the will to be one of the best private hospitals in Europe.

The achievement of profit is one of our goals as in any private company. However, it is not an end in itself. Doctors, co-owners of this company, together with private shareholders, are those with the greatest interest in investing profits in technology that contributes to achieve the basic and priority objective: care quality.



Hospitalisation, Outpatient consultations and 24/7 ER



University HM Montepríncipe hospital has a total hospitalisation capacity of 183 places, among which 129 are individual beds in spacious private rooms, 49 of which are suites.

All rooms have a private bathroom and a bed for the accompanying family member, specially designed to offer a comfortable rest. All rooms have a telephone and a TV. The hospital is equipped with all comforts and services for the patient and relatives designed to offer all amenities and make their stay as comfortable as possible. The hospital is located in an exceptional environment surrounded by an oak grove that make the hospital stay an experience full of calmness and tranquillity, which undoubtedly helps the patient to recover better.


There are different day hospitals specialised in every type of patient, from paediatrics and oncology to high resolution surgeries



General hospitalisation

·         50 private rooms (over 50% of them are suites).

·         Adult ICU (10 beds).

·         ICU-2 (6 beds).

·         Neonatal and paediatrics ICU (25 beds).

·         Adult medical & surgical day hospital (5 beds).

·         Adult oncology day hospital.

·         Paediatric oncology day hospital.


24/7 medical emergencies service

·         Surgery and delivery rooms.

·         24/7 adult ER.

·         24/7 paediatric ER.

·         Outpatient consultations area.


Paediatric Hospitalisation


A nursing unit with 14 beds in private rooms.

Paediatric day hospital with 6 beds.

Cardiology Hospitalisation

·         Two nursing units with 26 beds in private rooms and centralised monitoring

·         ICU unit aimed preferentially at coronary patients (6 beds).

Intensive care and coronary unit

·         10 beds.


Neonatology and paediatric intensive care unit

·         25 beds.

·         Parents' room.

Obstetrics and gynaecology hospitalisation

·         Two nursing units with a total of 31 private rooms.



Paediatric Oncology and Haematology Unit


·         One nursing unit with 8 beds (2 of which are adapted for oncology ICU).

·         Day hospital for paediatric onco-haematology with 2 beds for chemotherapy treatments.

·         Procedure rooms.

·         Music therapy room.

·         Living rooms for parents and patients.

·         Outpatient consultations area.

Medical Specialities

  • ·         Two units of general outpatient consultations with 14 and 12 offices respectively.
  • ·         One unit of Obstetrics and Gynaecology outpatient consultations with 17 offices.
  • ·         One unit of Paediatrics outpatient consultations with 7 offices, breastfeeding room and 2 nursing offices.
  • ·         Outpatient consultation unit for the plastic surgery and aesthetic medicine unit, endocrinology, Obesity Unit and Diabetes Unit.


AllergologyAngiologyCardiologyPaediatric Cardiology General SurgeryOral and Maxillofacial Surgery
Paediatric SurgeryPlastic SurgeryThoracic SurgeryDermatologyEndocrinology and NutritionPaediatric Endocrinology
Gynaecology and ObstetricsGastroenterology Paediatric Gastroenterology HaematologyPaediatric Haematology Immunology
General MedicineIntensive Care MedicineInternal MedicinePreventive MedicineAesthetics and LaserNeurosurgery
Neurophysiology NeurologyNephrologyPaediatric Nephrology PulmonologyOdontology
OphthalmologyMedical OncologyOtorhinolaryngology PaediatricsPodiatryPsychology
PsychiatryRheumatologyOrthopaedicsBronchoscopyPain UnitUrology


Oncology Unit

·         Oncology day hospital with 10 treatment places.

·         Two consultations.

·         Psycho-oncology consultation.


Radiology service


It is equipped, on the one hand, with conventional diagnostic imaging services such as remote control digital machine, 3D ultrasound machine, orthopantomography machine for dental exams, remote medicine for transmission of images to other hospitals, etc. In addition, the hospital also has the following particularly modern machines:


Open MRI, without tunnel, with high resolution (0.7T), recommended for all type of patients, including children and people who cannot stand enclosed spaces.

160 slice CT scan that allows reducing the duration of exploration time and of cardiac and vascular functional studies. This is the first scan of its type to be installed for clinical use in Europe. It reduces the radiation dose received by the patient and speeds up the test.

High field closed MRI (1.5T) that allows the study of all organs and cavities of the human body (brain, heart, liver, vascular bed, breasts), as well as the performance of cardiac functional studies, obstetric studies and breast MRI.


Other services at HM Montepríncipe Hospital

-Cafeteria. The cafeteria is open from 07:00 to 23:00h. It offers restaurant service, combination platters, day set menu and room service.

-Gift and flower shop. It is located outside of the hospital, next to the main entrance, and you can purchase a variety of gifts and toys, newspapers, magazines and flowers.

-Free Wi-Fi connection.

-Private car park with over 500 spaces.



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