Who are we

At HM Hospitals, all our centers work as an integrated healthcare network, which guarantees that our patients, wherever they are, enjoy the same excellence in care and the same healthcare processes. This network structure takes on special importance in Oncology, Cardiology, Neuroscience and Fertility, therapeutic areas of superspecialization for the Group.

In 1989 Dr. Juan Abarca Campal leads a group of doctors and, together with Dr. Carmen Cidón Tamargo, manages to launch a project to develop a new model of doing private medicine in Spain, HM Hospitals.

From then until today, our devotion to the health care of patients and their families has led us to become the Hospital Group of reference.

Basic pillars

  • Reason for being, the patient
  • Long-term vision
  • Collaboration with the professional
  • Internal promotion and retention of talent
  • Quality-based management system
  • Permanent technological update
  • Search for a comprehensive medical offer
  • Bet on complexity
  • Business and Hospital Balance

HM Hospitals Facilities

  • 41 Centers
  • 1,468 beds
  • 101 operating rooms
  • 297 Diagnostic Imaging

We grow to be better

At HM Hospitales we believe that our healthcare project must have sustained growth supported by continuous reinvestment to increase in size and complexity.

We carefully select our investment opportunities, prioritizing having low levels of indebtedness, which allow for the long-term stability of the Project.

In 2018 we set foot in Barcelona with the acquisition of the HM Delfos Hospital and in 2019 the HM Sant Jordi Hospital, which gives the Group a true national character. HM Hospitals in 5 years has doubled its turnover, becoming one of the benchmark companies in national healthcare

Assistance rates

At HM Hospitals we have high activity rates, which allows us to increase our complexity. Our professionals thus acquire the best possible training to assure the patient that they are in the best hands. This, in addition, allows Teaching and Research to be possible with all the guarantees.

In 2018, the Group consolidated its commitment to complexity by maintaining a constant growth rate in all its healthcare indices. In addition, the publication of our medical results is an exercise in total transparency with which we intend to offer society more and better information in order to choose the best ally for their health.

Translational Research

HM Hospitals is committed to translational research as a strategic area of ​​support for its healthcare activity. All the scientific activity of the Group allows our patients to access new therapies and treatments through clinical trials of drugs and technologies not yet commercialized.

In 2018, research activity has made us the benchmark healthcare group thanks to the high volume of clinical trials, patients and scientific production, managing to modify drug technical sheets and clinical practice guidelines and impact areas as diverse as cancer, biomaterials , health economics or movement disorders among many others.

Teaching vocation

Almost 3,000 students pass through the classrooms and Hospitals of HM Hospitals each year. We have 13 degrees between the University, the Center for Biosanitary Professions HM Hospitals Training HM and Postgraduate students. In 2018 HM Hospitals has signed agreements with universities in Spain, the United States, the United Kingdom, Australia, Mexico, Argentina and Colombia to complete the training of its undergraduate / medical degree students, as well as specialist doctors in our hospitals.

160 MM in 3 years

We are committed to guaranteeing our patients and medical equipment access to the latest technologies and innovations in Medicine.

This is the key to our success and our vision of medical practice. For this, we have invested more than 160 million euros in CAPEX in the last three years *, which allows us to have unique technologies and techniques in Spain and in Europe, such as simultaneous acquisition PET-RM, intraoperative Magnetic Resonance or HIFU. to remove essential tremor and Parkinson's tremor without surgery.

Our commitment to the environment

We have an Environmental Improvement Program from 2018 to 2020

The application of the most appropriate waste treatment Reduce emissions to the atmosphere and water at source. The most rational use of energy and raw materials. Compliance, legal requirements and others that are applicable

Main objectives and results of environmental actions

Reduction of water consumption in centers. Improvement of water efficiency in garden irrigation. Investment in LEO lighting. Implementation of the Energy Management System ISO 50001. Reduction of the generation of special biosanitary waste.

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