Second Medical Opinion

Patient oriented. ​

Why Should You Consider a Second Medical Opinion?


A second opinion can empower you to make the best decisions regarding your health


International patient mobility driven by access to more prestigious medical treatments and diagnoses at a more affordable price is experiencing continuous growth. 

This phenomenon, commonly known as health tourism, puts our hospitals in a privileged position due to our extensive international experience and highest professional standards. This encourages us to improve not only our international patient care protocols, but also to continue seeking agreements and cooperation with other countries to highlight our highly advanced specialization services and make it easier for patients to access them.


HM Hospitals offers a patient-oriented vision of medicine that focuses on patients' health and needs. For this reason, each patient has a specifically designated medical team  based on the patient´s condition, guaranteeing that each professional on the team is the best in their specialized field.


What should you know about our second medical opinion services?

By seeking a second medical opinion, you gain more knowledge concerning your condition and your different options. 

That way you are better equipped to make informed decisions that can have long-term consequences.

-Our team will reply within 48-72 hours according to the degree of specialization. You will receive a detailed estimate of the costs for the requested services.

-For oncology cases,  the response time could be up to 4 days, depending on the complexity of the case.

-For cases that involve several concurrent illnesses and medical specialties, our medical team will evaluate the case as a committee. Oncology cases are always reviewed by a medical committee.

How to request a second medical opinion


Follow the steps below 

Main information required

Why do you need or want this procedure? What is your main complaint/condition?

Detailed description + timeline of your main complaint/condition until present (symptoms, hospitalizations, medications, procedures)

Was the procedure recommended by a physician (if so, indicate their specialty)? If not, why and how have you decided on this specific procedure?

Age/date of birth


Height (cm)

Weight (kg)

Any known diseases - heart disease, stroke, diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and similar issues. (how long has the condition been present and how is it being treated?)

Any surgeries (dates + details)

Any hospitalizations (dates + details)

Any medications (specifically blood clotting medications)

Are you a smoker?

Do you have any known allergies?

Please download this questionnaire:hm-patient-questionnaire.docx

Medical files*

Complete, updated medical summary from your physician(s)

Blood tests - CBC (complete blood count), chemistry, blood clotting tests, etc.

Studies - X-ray, CT, MRI, ultrasound, gastroscopy, colonoscopy, laparoscopy, UGI (upper gastrointestinal) series, biopsy, and other similar studies.

Any additional files

What do you expect from this request?


*Please send us the radiology images through Dropbox, WeTransfer, or any similar method.

Response time

Depending on the case, you will receive a medical assessment and a detailed estimate of costs for the requested services within 48-72 hours.



Arriving to HM hospitals

HM TEAM MADRID. Photography Álvaro Laforer © 1.jpg

Once you decide to come to our facilities and arrive at our Hospitals, our multilingual employees:

Will provide transfer services free of charge from the airport to the Hotel and Hospital. 

- Will meet you in person at the reception and accompany you throughout the entire process in coordination with the entire hospital. 

All our services and procedures are carried out directly, quickly, and efficiently. You will feel safe and secure and there is no potential language barrier between doctor and patient. After your visit, you receive all their medical records clearly and efficiently.

You will not be charged for our on-site interpreter services or any transfer from the airport to the hospital and hotel. 


Time to return home

Likewise, we will ensure that your doctor at home, family members, and healthcare insurance providers are duly informed at all times of your medical condition and improvements. 

- Transfer back to the airport is included. 


  • Cost of the second medical opinion:           260€
  • Oncology second medical opinion:             430€
  • Second medical opinion + videoconsultation:  500€

Please for further information do not hesitate to contact us:


Select the hospital according to the place in Spain you wish to come to:











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