Excellence and Quality

Excellence and Quality

We keep a high level of Excellence and Quality  

Hospital universitario HM Sanchinarro considered the TOP 3 best hospital of Spain


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Our Quality Policy:

  • To ensure and optimize, in the broadest sense, the safety of our patients.
  • To achieve the highest possible levels of satisfaction from our patients, insurers, partners, staff and shareholders, and to maintain a good business and ethical relationship with other stakeholders.
  • To ensure activities and projects are carried out in accordance with the Environmental and Health and Safety at Work Policy established by the Organization, and with the ethical principles that govern it.

This shall be accomplished by constantly improving the quality of both our healthcare, teaching and R&D&I processes and our assistance and support processes.

To that end, we undertake to:

  • Detect and correct our mistakes, and prevent them from occurring, in order to achieve excellent standards in our work.
  • Report the problems we detect, and suggest and apply improvements.
  • Apply assessment mechanisms designed to guide subsequent corrections and innovations.
  • Comply with the applicable legislation and regulations, particularly in relation to safety, confidentiality and patient rights, as well as in relation to the environment and health and safety at work.
  • Ensure our hospital's administrative and financial system is improved on a constant basis.
  • Implement the physical and human resources necessary to create an environment which promotes, fosters and facilitates the best possible performance in medicine, nursing and all the professions carried out at our hospitals.
  • Additionally, prioritize the understanding and incorporation of any new technological processes that are able to improve the diagnosis and treatment of our patients.

To realize these goals, the Organization has implemented an Integrated Management System through which it has proceduralized and documented all the processes associated with the work of HM Hospitales centers and joint bodies. The Integrated Management System applies to the entire Organization and was created in accordance with the requirements of the DIN-EN-ISO 9001 standard, under which a corporate certification is held that covers all the processes and extends to all the hospitals within the Group.

Excellence HM Hospitales

In line with the Quality Policy and the company's defining drive for continuous improvement, the Integrated Management System includes an Environmental Management System which covers all the centers and all the processes that take place within them. The system is certified in accordance with the DIN-EN ISO 14001 standard and has been developed over time, ultimately resulting in the incorporation of HM Montepríncipe and HM Torrelodones in the EMAS Register, paving the way for the incorporation of the other centers as times goes on. Furthermore, the Department for Occupational Health and Safety has implemented and maintains an Occupational Health and Safety Management System, which has been certified in accordance with the OHSAS 18001 standard.

Lastly, HM Hospitales has obtained the 500+ Seal of Excellence, granted by the Club de Excelencia en Gestión (CEG) on behalf of the European Foundation for Quality Management (EFQM). Not only does this confirm the excellent standards of work pursued by the Group since its beginnings, it also gives recognition to an organization which is considered a "role model".

HM Hospitales has also established a series of activity indicators as a reference for the performance of the Integrated Management System itself, according to which it evaluates the efficiency of the System. The result of these efforts is a perfectly structured organization which is committed to process control, smooth communication (both vertical and horizontal), and continuous service improvement, both in terms of the human aspects and in terms of the structural and technological ones. This is reflected in the excellent ratings our hospitals receive from the public, which are reinforced by the accreditations we've obtained from official bodies, such as the Madrid Excelente label, and by the numerous prizes and accolades we've been awarded.

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