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Clara Campal Cancer Center - HM CIOCC

The Clara Campal Comprehensive Cancer Center (HM CIOCC in Spanish), attached to the HM Sanchinarro University Hospital, constitutes a new concept for the treatment of cancer patients, unique in Spain and an international benchmark with multidisciplinary, comprehensive and personalized care.

The Clara Campal Comprehensive Cancer Center is the culmination of the project that Dr. Juan Abarca Campal started 30 years ago with the creation of HM Hospitals, and which also includes nine other hospitals (HM Madrid, HM Montepríncipe, HM Torrelodones, HM Nuevo Belén, HM Puerta del Sur, HM Modelo, Maternidad HM Belén and HM Vallés), eleven polyclinics in the Community of Madrid, two polyclinics in Galicia and one polyclinic in Toledo.


The structure of HM CIOCC responds to an exhaustive analysis of the most effective, efficient and effective models that exist in the world in the cancer treatment environment, after which the comprehensive American model has been implemented. This translates into a multidisciplinary vision for the cancer patient, in which s/he is treated jointly and without delay by different specialists involved in dealing with their disease and the possible complications it may generate. Thus, this healthcare, which originates from translational research, revolves around the patient, without the patient having to move from one center to another to be treated.


The center has the most advanced technology in diagnostic imaging, with a 64-slice scanner, 3-Tesla closed MRI, high-field open MRI, intraoperative resonance, Da Vinci robotic assistance surgical system, PET-CT, nuclear medicine and prone table mammography, which allow maximum definition and accuracy of all types of tumors.

 Equipamiento Oncología Radioterápica | HM CIOCC

   VERSA HD (Elekta)

Regarding treatment, in addition to the most advanced radiology techniques, HM CIOCC has a translational research unit, which enables a personalized approach to each type of tumor. Examples of top-level services in this regard are the Women's Radiology Unit or the Radiation Oncology Service, with three linear accelerators -one of them almost unique in Spain, which allows intra and extracranial surgery-, an intelligent and brachytherapy. It also has the first Angela Navarro Center for Aesthetics Applied to Health integrated into the hospital environment to improve the offer of comprehensive and personalized treatment for cancer patients.


Lastly, HM CIOCC also has an area dedicated to research, both in the Laboratory of Therapeutic Targets and in the Radiation Oncology Service. The clinic highlights the xenograft project, linked to translational medicine, and which allows a unique and personalized differential approach to each tumor. Along with this, there are two interesting other areas in cancer research: the application of molecular pathology methods, which make it possible to tackle the complex world of pharmacodiagnosis in an effective way and the creation of a Phases Unit. I CIOCC-START, to bring new medicines closer to our patients.



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Center Services

The Clara Campal Comprehensive Cancer Center (HM CIOCC) has a specific floor with 26 beds for oncology hospitalization, in spacious individual rooms, 10 of which are suite-type and one of them specifically prepared for radioactive isotope treatments (metabolic therapy).


All rooms at HM CIOCC are equipped with electric beds and companion beds, telephone, TV, free Wi-Fi Internet connection, call and communication systems with the nursing control. Due to the increasing number of cancer patients, 18 other specific beds are available on the third floor of the hospital. I don't know


Likewise, HM CIOCC has various specialized programs by areas and organs, which enables a personalized approach to each type of tumor.


 Medical Oncology - Oncology Programs

  • Ten external consultations of Oncology, Oncological Hematology and Psycho-oncology…
  • Day clinic: with 24 chairs and an isolated box with a bed, for chemotherapy and always supervised by the nursing staff.


Special Services for Cancer Treatment

Oncological Radiotherapy:

  • Radiophysics area for treatment planning.
  • Treatment Area where the Simulation and Treatment Units are located, which has:
  • A Virtual Simulation team (Somatom Sensation Open Planning TAC, Siemens).
  • Two Oncor Expression linear accelerators with Conebeam (Siemens) in which we can perform treatments of:
  • Intensity Modulated Radiotherapy (IMRT).
  • Image-guided radiation therapy (Conebeam).
  • Intraoperative radiotherapy.
  • Total Body Irradiation.


A NOVALIS Shaped Beam Surgery (BrainLAB) accelerator with guided image system (E xacTrac) and Mesa Novalis 6D Robotic, to perform treatments of:

  • Cranial radiosurgery with BrainLAB stereotaxic guide.
  • Cranial radiosurgery with Frameless X-Ray Positioning System.
  • Fractional stereotactic xical radiotherapy with Frameless X-Ray Positioning System.
  • Extracranial radiosurgery and respiratory gating (Novalis Dynamic Movement Tracking).
  • High Rate Brachytherapy (Nucletron Microselectron-HDR) with Iridium 192 and lazy loading system.
  • Brachytherapy with permanent Iodo 125 seed implants for prostate treatments.


Diana Therapeutics Laboratory:

Constituted by a truly multidisciplinary group of professionals with proven experience in pathological anatomy and molecular biology, which allows the integration of knowledge that ranges from the most conventional pathological analysis to genetic and molecular determinations.


Units specialized in Cancer Treatment


CIOCC-START Phase I Clinical Trial Units:

Where potential new drugs in the treatment of different diseases are evaluated. The unit is located on the third floor of the hospital and has a Day Clinic with 6 treatment chairs. In the same facilities there is a Rest Room of the Spanish Association Against Cancer (AECC in Spanish), where relatives and patients have a specific space for resting.


Dr. Antonio Cubillo. Director of HM CIOCC

Cancer and Pregnancy Unit:

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, we put at her side an expert and coordinated team of the best professionals in their different disciplines, since this situation requires a very specialized reception, information and treatment of the mother, her son growing and the whole family environment.


  • Breast Cancer Program
  • Skin Cancer Program
  • Lung Cancer Program
  • Digestive Tumor Program
  • Genitourinary Tumor Program
  • Hemato-Oncology Program
  • Gynecological Tumors Program

Special Oncology Services

We offer specific services for each patient with a reference oncologist to contact. We have functional units integrated as a multidisciplinary team for each tumor pathology, which meet periodically to design the treatment strategy for each individual patient.


Therapeutic Targets

The development in recent years of drugs addressed against genetic or molecular alterations is turning these alterations into therapeutic targets or predictive response markers. The study of therapeutic targets therefore becomes essential in the treatment of cancer.


Liquid Biopsy

At HM Hospitales we are at the forefront in personalizing treatment in the different tumor processes of cancer patients.

Radiation Oncology

Radiotherapy, together with surgery, chemotherapy and new biological therapies is one of the fundamental pillars of cancer treatment. Almost 70% of oncology patients receive radiotherapy throughout their illness as it is a very effective treatment.

Family Cancer

The main objective of the Family Cancer Program is to advise patients and families who are at risk of developing greater cancer.

Cancer during Pregnancy

When a woman is diagnosed with cancer during pregnancy, at HM Hospitals, we put at her side an expert and coordinated team of the best professionals in their different disciplines.


Our goal is to accelerate the development of new drugs used in the prevention and treatment of cancer and to offer patients access to new therapies when traditional ones are not effective.

Advanced Oncology and Palliative Care Support

Our medical professionals are aware that caring for the cancer patient and her family integrates the care of the physical, psychological, social and spiritual dimensions.

Personalized Early Prevention

Prevention is the best medicine and the early diagnosis of numerous diseases, including cancer, allows cure rates much higher than those achieved when the disease is detected in advanced stages.


Oncology Patient Assistance

The daily care that the cancer patient receives directly is the most important part of our work at HM CIOCC, since their well-being and the improvement of their quality of life and that of their family are our priority.

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At HM CIOCC, we are specialists in cancer treatment. Request your appointment with your Doctor at 902 107 469

We integrate all medical and surgical specialties, research and teaching and coordinate them through personalized care programs depending on the type of cancer.


Digestive tumors

Continuous improvement to be able to offer, at all times and to each of our patients, an optimized therapeutic plan.


Cancer of Mama

The Breast Cancer Program is made up of all specialists related to the diagnosis and treatment of this type of process.


Lung cancer

The Program has a Patient Guide that is in charge of accompanying each patient during their stay in the hospital.


Gynecological Tumors

The Gynecological Tumors Program is made up of experienced specialists in the diagnosis and treatment of this type of process.


Genitourinary tumors

Customization and latest technology. Consensus with current clinical guidelines and with special attention to the latest treatments from oncological clinical trials.


Sarcomas - Skeletal Muscle Tumors

Continuous improvement in order to offer each of our patients an optimized and personalized therapeutic plan.


Brain tumors

The Brain Tumor Program is made up of doctors from different specialties for the diagnosis and treatment of the disease.


Head and Neck Tumors

The Head and Neck Tumor Program is in charge of discussing each specific case, specifying for each one the best possible treatment.


Skin Cancer

At HM CIOCC we have advances in the prevention and diagnosis of skin lesions such as squamous cell carcinoma, basal cell carcinoma or melanoma.



The Hemato-Oncology Program is made up of all specialists related to the diagnosis and treatment of this type of process.


Hematology and Pediatric Oncology

The objective of the Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Unit is to offer the most effective, advanced and complete treatment from the moment of diagnosis in the fight against childhood cancer.






HM CIOCC Galicia - HM La Esperanza, Santiago de Compostela

Avda. Das Burgas, 2

15705 Santiago de Compostela

HM CIOCC Galicia is the first private cancer center of the Galician community. Its activity is linked to HM CIOCC in Madrid, a center with which it works in a network and an international benchmark for the excellent integration of the healthcare, teaching and research work of our professionals.


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