The Hospital Universitario HM Madrid, is the first Hospital of the group, more than 30 years providing medical services to the whole local community and since 2012 providing medical services to a wide local international community, or travellers, tourist due to its central location. Every year HM hospitales improve any of the facilities of the Hospital to provide the best quality and best medical assistance.



About us

The hospital Universitario HM Madrid is the outset of HM Hospitales, a leading Private Hospital Group, in the Community of Madrid.

At Hospital Madrid we are committed to healthcare based on quality of care and safety. We work with multidisciplinary teams, there is an active participation of doctors and other workers, we are based on continuous technological renewal and the training of our professionals.

Our healthcare center is equipped with the most advanced technology and a highly qualified professional team.

The hospital has all the medical and surgical specialties for adults, in addition to Medical Emergencies 24/7/365

The HM Madrid University Hospital is a general medical-surgical hospital for adults opened as "Madrid Hospital" in 1990. It was inaugurated after remodeling and modernization works on the old Hospital de San Pedro, located in the heart of Madrid, in the Chamberí neighborhood in Plaza del Conde de Valle Suchil, 16.

We also provide a dental university clinic, a rehabilitation and physical therapy gym and a podiatry service. 

During the years of operation of the general hospital, a solid prestige has been obtained, both among professionals and before the general public. Our strong points are the quality of the medical care provided, the educationl training, the doctors dedication and the care of our nursing staff, not the mention the humane, personalized and deferential treatment provided by all our staff.




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  • 92 inpatient rooms + 5 outpatient beds
  • 5 emergency cubicles
  • 33 consultation rooms
  • 5 operating theatres
  • 8 ICU beds
  • 160-slice CAT scanner
  • Open 0.4 T MRI scanner
  • Closed high-field 1.5 T MRI scanner
  • Attached polyclinics (c/ Arapiles, 8 and Plaza del Conde del Valle Suchil, 3)
  • Attached Rehabilitation Gym
  • Dentistry Clinic - University Postgraduate Specialities



The HM Madrid hospital has more than 100 beds distributed in the ER, ICU, individual rooms, Day Hospital, Adult Day Cancer Hospital, it also has a Clinical Analysis Laboratory, with Microbiology, Hematology and blood storage, Anatomy Laboratory Pathological, digestive endoscopy, diagnostic and therapeutic bronchoscopy and consultations.


The HM Madrid Hospital is also equipped with a complete surgical area in which conventional interventions are performed, as well as minimally invasive surgery techniques, with a predominance of short-stay surgical processes.


The HM Madrid Imaging Service has modern conventional radiology facilities, mammography, ultrasound, 32-slice multislice CT, and closed high-field magnetic resonance imaging of 1.5 Teslas and open-field MRI of 0.4 Teslas.


HM Madrid Specialized Medical Units

In addition, HM Madrid's portfolio of services include specialized medical units or special medical programs such as:

-Endocrinological Surgery Unit

-Pelvic Floor Unit

-Advanced Proctology Unit

-Surgical Pathology Program of the hip of the young adult

-Bone fragility program


 Achieving benefits has not been and is not an end in itself. Our doctors, who are co-owners of the company, together with private shareholders, are the first interested in the benefits being invested in a good technological and human endowment that contributes to making possible our basic and priority objective: Healthcare Quality.

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HM Madrid Medical Consultations and Hospital Services

  • Nursing

Five Nursing Units with 16-22 beds each, in spacious individual rooms with a companion bed, telephone and TV, in addition to the necessary communication systems with the nursing control, with several suites designed to offer maximum comfort, all of this in a quiet and calm environment.


  • Short-stay  Unit

The Day Hospital or Short Stay Unit has 5 individual boxes, for medical and surgical treatments that do not require hospitalization, including oncology Day Hospital.

  1. Surgery without hospitalization.
  2. Surveillance and observation.
  3. Pain Medicine.
  4. Chemotherapy treatments.


  • 24-hour Medical Emergency Service
  1. Reception.
  2. Three consulting offices.
  3. Five boxes and resuscitation room.
  4. Waiting room.

  • Intensive Care Unit

Intensive Care and Coronary Unit with 8 beds.

  • Radiology Service

It has all the conventional Radiology equipment and also has:

  • CAT
  • Open Magnetic Resonance

(Hitachi operto 0,4T), equipment that has the gantry open on all four sides, thus avoiding not only the claustrophobia of the people who suffer from it (between 8 and 10%), but the unpleasant sensation that it always produces the stay in the narrow tunnel of closed resonances, and allows examinations without the need for sedation or, of course, anesthesia. It also allows explorations in obese subjects, and interventional techniques can be performed on the patient during the examination.

High Field Magnetic Resonance (Siemens, 1,5T)

It allows the performance of functional, vascular and neurological studies with high quality and definition.

Medical specialties



General Surgery

Plastic Surgery

Vascuras Surgery




Internal Medicine






Physical Therapy

Pain Management



Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery



General Medicine

Preventive Medicine


Family medicina





Radiation Oncology




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Medical Programs

  • Bone fragility

The Bone Fragility and Osteoporosis Unit focuses its objective on the prevention of fragility fractures, establishing guidelines for the treatment of patients.

  • Lower Genital Tract Pathology and Colposcopy

Gynecologists specialized in the prevention, early detection of premalignant and malignant lesions of the vulva, vagina and cervix, as well as in their treatment and monitoring.

  • Advanced Proctology

Diagnose, treat and keep track of those patients with proctological pathologies, keeping as a secondary intention to promote innovation and research in these pathologies.

  • Psycho-Oncology

This Program addresses the psychiatric and psychological disorders that are associated with oncological diseases, from the moment of diagnosis and start of treatment and covers all phases of the disease.


Medical services

  • University Dental Clinic
  • The best oral care in a clinical-university environment in which the teaching team has a high human and professional qualification.
  • Chiropody
  • Podiatrists with extensive experience in podiatry care. We have the support of trauma teams and central services such as trauma.
  • Psychiatry and Clinical Psychology
  • The best diagnostic and treatment resources, in close collaboration with the Comprehensive Neuroscience Center, the Medical and Surgical Services of all HM Hospitals.
  • Laboratory of Therapeutic Targets
  • Cancer treatment is geared toward personalizing treatments. We are cancer specialists.
  • Advanced Endoscopy We offer patients the possibility of being attended by highly experienced professionals. All the technical and human infrastructure that requires the diagnosis and comprehensive treatment of diseases of the digestive system.
  • Injured in Traffic Accident. Have you had an accident? In our hospital in the center of Madrid we attend to you and minimize the procedures with the insurers.


Medical Units

  • Clinical Cardiology, Heart Failure and Arrhythmias

The Cardiology service of the HM Madrid Hospital includes an Arrhythmia unit, a Heart Failure Unit and Clinical Cardiology. We offer a comprehensive and specialized care service to take care of your heart with the most advanced technology.

  • Pelvic Floor

The Pelvic Floor Unit of HM Hospitals is made up of different specialists that include: urologists, gynecologists, general surgeons, rehabilitators and physiotherapists, psychologists, all of them specifically trained in pelvic floor.

  • Pregnant Pelvic Floor Rehabilitation

During pregnancy, the woman's pelvic floor is put under a great effort to hold the pregnant uterus and the growing fetus. The moment of delivery is critical for the Pelvic Floor due to the distension that it supports especially in cases of prolonged delivery, large fetuses or the need for an instrumental delivery.

  • Pain treatment

In the Pain Unit we serve patients with acute, postoperative and chronic pain problems.

  • Endocrinological Surgery

We offer comprehensive care for patients with endocrinological problems by a multidisciplinary medical team with extensive experience in this type of pathology and with the latest technological advances from both a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view.

  • Bloodless Surgery and Medicine

This type of medicine is a sign of "Excellence in Medicine" and "Quality of Care" for all medical teams and surgeons who are involved in it, Excellence that is the commitment of the HM Hospital Group since its inception.


ER unit

International Patient Department


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From HM Hospitales we understand we must play a role in supporting international patients by seeking to build as many ties as possible with their countries of origin, so as to facilitate them the access to our medical treatments.

If you are an expatriate such as a diplomat, an employee of any international company, a student over on an exc​hange program or a tourist who requires medical assistance at some point during your stay in the area of Madrid, Toledo or La Coruña we will be your best option as medical provider.​​

personalised international patient

Our experience with many international medical insurance companies will facilitate your medical assistance as well. ​Our exclusive and personalised international patient department​ is at your disposal 24/7/365 with a dedicated email and telephone line where you will be assisted in an efficient way, trying to solve your queries as soon as possible.

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