Endocrinological Surgery

The existence of specialized units in the field of Medicine and especially in surgery is justified when the excellent results are analyzed and when the low number of complications are recorded by the surgeons who participate in them.

In order to obtain the best results, this Unit was created in 2007, where the aim is, beyond surgical excellence, the comprehensive care of patients with endocrinological problems by a multidisciplinary medical team with extensive experience in this type of pathology and has the latest technological advances both from a diagnostic and therapeutic point of view.


Diseases to Treat

Our Endocrinological Surgery Unit focuses its activity in the field of diseases that affect the following:

  • Thyroid: Thyroid nodule, multinodular goiter, nodular or diffuse hyperthyroidism, malignant thyroid tumors.
  • Parathyroid glands: Primary, secondary and tertiary hyperparathyroidism, parathyroid cancer.
  • Kidney glands
  • Pheochromocytoma, primary hyperaldosteronism, Cushing's syndrome, adrenal carcinoma, virilizing syndromes, malignant adrenal tumors, incidentalomas, metastases.
  • Endocrine pancreas and diffuse gastrointestinal endocrine system: Gastrinoma, insulinoma, vipoma, glucagonoma, carcinoid tumors.

Endocrinological Surgery Activity Facility

HM Madrid

Plaza del Conde Valle de Súchil, nº 16

28015 Madrid

Phone number of Dr. Rodríguez Peña and Endocrinology 

Endocrinological Surgery Services

  • Surgical consultation: the patients attends to consultation and is seen by an edocrinological surgery specialized Dr.
  • Anesthetic and endocrinology consultation.
  • Specific ultrasound and FNA, multi-slice CT and high-field resonance. Puncture biopsies.
  • Specific laboratory determinations of each pathology including basal hormonal levels and with overload test when necessary. Intraoperative PTH is available.
  • Nuclear Medicine (located in HM Universitario Sanchinarro) with availability of Radioactive Iodine Therapy.

Endocrinological Surgery Medical Team

Surgical equipment

Chief surgeon: Dr. Domingo R. Rodríguez-Peña.

Assistant surgeons

Dra. Carmen Castro Savoie.
Dr Ricardo Ortega


Carlos Ordóñez de Santiago.

Dr. Aniceto Charro Salgado.


Team coordinated by Dr. Andrés López García.


Team coordinated by Prof. Aniceto Charro Salgado.

Intensive Care Service

Team coordinated by Dr. Jose E. Guerrero Sanz.

Pathological Anatomy Service

Team coordinated by Dr. Fernando López-Ríos

Internal Medicine Service

Team coordinated by Dr. JM Pallarés F.

Radiology Service

Team coordinated by Dr. Antonio Ferreiro.

Laboratory Service

Team coordinated by Dra. Elena Abarca Cidón.

Nuclear Medicine Service

Nuclear Medicine Team HM Universitario Sanchinarro.

Otorhinolaryngology Service

Dr. Carlos Mirón team.

Oncology Service

Lisardo Ugido de la Varga

Appointments or enquiries

+34 914 452 126


We will assist you at any hospital in Spain.

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