Andrology and Comprehensive Male Health We are pioneers in the creation of a Unit specialized in male-specific pathologies.

What is the Andrology?

Andrology is the branch of Urology that deals with the study and treatment of problems related to the male genital and reproductive system.
Men are now more aware of the importance of regular check-ups and preventive medicine for a longer and better quality of life. For this reason, we have created a unit specializing in male-specific pathologies with some of the best specialists in this field and a state-of-the-art technological equipment.



Impotence or Erectile Dysfunction

It has been shown that there are often serious illnesses underlying erectile dysfunction that must be detected and treated early. Nowadays erectile dysfunction is considered the first symptom of generalized vascular disease, so if we do not put the necessary means, it can even lead to an acute myocardial infarction, even causing the death of the subject.

In our unit we have the latest diagnostic advances to detect these pathologies. On the other hand, people's sex lives are considered very important by most of them. In our unit we have all the treatments available for erectile dysfunction, even offering a shock wave machine and a penile implant.

Laser Program in Pathology of the Prostate

The growth of the Prostate (BPH), conditions symptoms, repercussions and complications in the urinary tract as it produces obstruction in the urine output.

Solving it in a minimally invasive way has been a permanent priority intention in the Urology Service and in this sense the use of fibers that carry LASER energy to the tissues to be treated, in this case the Prostate, has been a success. But "LASER" is a term that covers a wide variety of modalities: Red Laser, KTP Green light laser technique, Holmium Laser ...


prostate diseases


Currently only two Laser modalities are useful in prostate operations: the Green Lase Green light laser technique and the Holmium Laser.

Green light laser technique

The Green light laser technique produces photo-vaporization of the tissues and thereby unblocks it by increasing the caliber of the cavity through which the urine must pass, but it has the drawback that its performance is limited to small volumes of tissue to be treated and, in addition, it frequently produces delayed bleeding, especially if you are or will be undergoing some anticoagulant treatment.

Holmium laser

On the contrary, the Holmium Laser allows to enucleate all the tissue, since it exactly mimics the classic open surgical technique, but with the advantages of being an endoscopic technique, this is closed, without external injuries. This procedure achieves less bleeding, less bladder catheter time, better recovery and results in the medium and long term, and a shorter hospital stay before a prostate operation.

For all this, nowadays the Holmium laser enucleation is considered as the best surgical technique for the treatment of BPH by the Good Clinical Practice Guidelines developed by the European and American Association of Urology.

Urology Specialty Services

  • Individualized and personalized level of Diagnosis and decision-making of the therapeutic plan in each case.
  • Holmium laser.

Services of the Andrology and Male Health Program

  • We evaluate and treat all ejaculatory and orgasmic disorders.
  • Testosterone deficiency or andropause is an established entity that needs to be detected to receive substitute treatment and to avoid its sequelae.
  • Morphological changes / penis size have a solution today thanks to surgeons specialized in this area. We have one of the surgeons with the most national and international experience in this field: reconstructive surgery of the genital area.
  • We have experts in the evaluation of the infertile man.
  • Assessment of male incontinence.

Activity Center of the Andrology Program

Hospital Universitario HM Montepríncipe 

Avenida de Montepríncipe, nº25 Boadilla del Monte


Andrology Services Portfolio

This Program is made up by national and international andrologist experts in this field.

In the diagnostic field we have all the latest technological advances: rigiscan, ECO-penile doppler, blood determination of endothelial damage markers.

In addition to all the classic treatments for these pathologies, we have equipped our Unit with all the technological innovations available:

  • In the field of erectile dysfunction: the innovative treatment with penile shock waves, implantation of penile prostheses (we have a surgeon considered an expert and professor by the AMS and Coloplast commercial companies).
  • In the field of Andropause: all therapeutic modalities of testosterone administration.
  • In morphological alterations of the penis: intraplate injections, penile iontophoresis and, when necessary, the most advanced surgical techniques (pericardial grafts).
  • We perform surgery for penis enlargement and thickening.

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