Preventative Physiotherapy of Postpartum Pelvic Floor

At HM Hospitals we have the best pelvic floor specialists to respond to the usual problems of incontinence or urinary infections that can occur after delivery.

In order to prevent medium- and long-term problems such as incontinence, prolapses and sexual dysfunction, it is essential to recover and strengthen the pelvic floor muscles in the post-partum period, through special recovery programs designed and led by qualified staff.

In most of the countries in this part of the world, these types of preventive pelvic floor recovery programs are run on a routine basis. Rehabilitation aims to strengthen and exercise the pelvic floor muscles in order to eliminate weak areas. This type of rehabilitation must be started soon after giving birth, and always before recovering the abdominal muscles and resuming regular physical activity.

Pelvic floor physiotherapy

The first appointment with the physiotherapist at 6 weeks after birth is important, and takes place at our gynaecology clinics. At this first session, the physiotherapist will assess the condition of your pelvic floor and the most suitable options for your situation.

We offer our patients the chance to use a novel remote-rehabilitation system via the Birdi device. With this system, you don't have to travel anywhere or stick to a set timetable for your rehabilitation sessions, because you can do them at home under the guidance and supervision of a physiotherapist.

The Group's Preventive Post-Partum Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Program uses new technology to benefit patients’ health and comfort.

At HM Hospitales, we also have the Pelvic Floor Unit, created as a result of the need for a Multi-Disciplinary Unit to address a long list of conditions affecting not just women, but also men and children.

Make an appointment at our gynaecology clinics and ask your gynaecologist about our Preventive Post-Partum Pelvic Floor Physiotherapy Program.

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