Maternity Program: Become a Mother at HM Hospitales

HM Hospitales offers all expectant mothers comprehensive, multi-disciplinary and personalized care during their pregnancy and the post-partum period.


The Become a Mother at HM Hospitales program maximizes modernity and safety in maternity care and complements the necessary care provision during this period, with greater parent involvement and education, even more personal, responsive and friendly assistance, and additional specific care services.

HM Hospitales offers a unique and exclusive service: the Mothercare program, where top professionals provide you with personalized care to help you navigate with ease through the multiple activities associated with your pregnancy.

This novel program begins at the start of pregnancy and covers admission to hospital, medical discharge following the birth, and the post-partum period. Features include the Pregnancy Guide, which the mother receives during pregnancy, and which sums up all the practical information about the pregnancy phase, childbirth and the post-partum period, while anticipating possible questions and providing solutions to any problems that might arise during pregnancy. 

We also offer a Labour and Delivery Plan, which allows each expectant mother to plan the birth of her child in agreement with her doctor and in line with her expectations and wishes. This plan is prepared on a case-by-case basis.

Our patients also have access to a Delivery Preparation Program, run by midwives with extensive experience in delivering babies, which is complemented by the option of continuing with one-to-one or group breastfeeding workshops following the birth.

Other key aspects of the HM Hospitales Maternity Program include the option to move around until epidural analgesia is administered, if the mother has requested this, to consume fluids up until a late stage, and to receive pain relief treatments during labour at the discretion of the doctor, provided the measures are deemed to ensure the safety of both the mother and her baby.

HM Hospitales Maternity

Hospital Universitario HM Nuevo Belén is also equipped with recently renovated delivery rooms, spaces designed to respect the mother's privacy and ensure her comfort. These rooms are kitted out with carefully chosen lighting, a delivery bed allowing for different positions, and a care space for an accompanying person. In addition, the Hospital has a fully equipped and favourably located Natural Birth Unit. The Unit is situated in a very quiet part of the hospital, where there are no disturbances from other areas, to ensure soon-to-be mothers have the privacy they need throughout the whole process.

Once labour is over, hospitals of the Group apply the early Skin-to-Skin Contact approach, whereby if the mother so wishes the baby won't be separated from her at any time, and even the initial assessment of the newborn will be carried out by her side. This first close contact has demonstrated benefits for both the mother and her baby. For cases where the newborn requires care in the neonatal ICU, we offer the Open Doors Program, which gives parents free access to this department 24 hours a day, allowing them to spend all the time they want with their baby and play a part in its care, and encouraging mothers to breastfeed.

Following labour, any care the newborn needs will be provided in the mother's presence. Information about techniques for bathing the baby and about the basic care it will need once at home will also be supplied. To help with breastfeeding, we have specially trained staff who can offer the necessary advice during the hospital stay and at the breastfeeding workshops provided afterwards. 

Artificial support is also provided in cases where breastfeeding isn’t possible for whatever reason. In addition, early detection screening is carried out to check if the baby has any conditions, for example deafness or metabolic disorders.

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