Peripheral Neuropathies

The Peripheral Neuropathy Unit was created in response to the concern felt by the Group's oncologists about how to handle a common complication associated with various types of chemotherapy: peripheral neuropathy.

cancer neuropathies

What is peripheral neuropathy?

Peripheral neuropathy is the most common neurological complication in the treatment of cancer, and leads to a deterioration in patients’ ability to function and quality of life.

Although there is currently no cure for this condition, and to date no drug has been shown to be effective in preventing it, we believe that recognising it early, identifying high-risk subgroups, and providing those affected with sufficient information are essential and effective measures that can improve our patients’ quality of life.

Effects of chemotherapy

With the aim of providing specialist care and ensuring consistent patient management to allow us to further our understanding of this pathology, the Neurology department, in close collaboration with the Medical Oncology and Haematology departments, has launched a dedicated chemotherapy-related toxic neuropathy clinic.

Peripheral Neuropathy Services

  • Neurological assessment.
  • Neurophysiological studies: electroneurogram and electromyogram.
  • Neurological monitoring during chemotherapy treatment.
  • Management of symptomatic treatments for tremor.
  • Referral for rehabilitation where necessary.

Structure of the Peripheral Neuropathy Unit Medical Team

Head of Service

Dr Marta Ochoa

Staff doctors

Dr Ana Morillo (HM Madrid, HM Torrelodones and HM Sanchinarro).

Dr Alejandro Barroso (HM Montepríncipe)

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