Personalized treatment


At HM hospitals we know how difficult it can be to take the step of having treatment or searching for a doctor in another country. Therefore, we want to assist you at every stage to offer you the confidence that you need. 

Before you arrive to our facilities, during and after you medical assistance.


Most of our Hospitals enjoy a privileged location. Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga, Galicia, Leon. 

Our international patient team will accompany the patient throughout the whole process

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- An international patient assistant or welfare ( free of charge ) will be with you throughout the whole medical assistance: in-depth analysis of your case, personalised treatment proposal, to schedule any medical appointment, medical quotation, administrative procedures and any questions that you may have regarding your international medical insurance, avoiding any language barrier. 

- We know that moving to another country as an expat, or searching for a second medical opinion or treatment abroad, where the Health Care System or even their medical procedures, may be different comparing it with you home country, can be stressfull, that is why we provide a personalized assistance, where our main goal is to make you feel confortable and stressless during the whole medical treatment.

Before being assisted

Once you contact us with your enquiry we will guide you about how to access to our medical team and hospitals. 

- For appointments, or scheduled surgeries, tests, second medical opinion, documentation:  

At HM Hospitals we try to schedule your medical appointments according to your availabilty. 

Our doctors know that you need to be assisted sooner that local patients, according, of course, to your medical needs and health status.   

Dependent upon your request, on the availability of the physician and the complexity of your case, we shall provide you with all of this information within a period of 24h to 72h.Or even same day. 

- For second medical opinion. For further info click second medical opinion  

- Insurance companies. Do not hesitate to bring your international insurance even  if  you think  it is works on reimbursement payment, to HM hospitals, even if you thing that it is not accepted or it works on reimbursement basis, because many insurance companies let us to send the invoice to them, do not forget that in HM hospitals accept all types of medical insurances, international insurances, or travel insurances. We will provide all the information about how to use it in our facilities. For spanish insurances please contact us for further information. 


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Once you are at the hospital

- Once you arrive at the hospital, please ask for the International Patient Desk at reception. Or call us before coming. 

- The contact person for international patients will be with you during and after your stay at the hospital, we will also help you to attend your clinical appointment and will help you with your admission if is the case. Do not hesitate to ask for any doubts during the medical assistance. 

- Our experience with many international medical insurance companies will facilitate your medical assistance as well. 

- ​Our exclusive and personalised international patient department​ is at your disposal 24/7/365 with an email and telephone line where you will be assisted in an efficient way, trying to solve your queries as soon as possible.

In each HM Hospital we have an international patient office.

After your visit

Do not be afraid, because once you leave our facilities, contact us in case you did realize that you had any doubt about your medical  indications, or you did not understand anything regarding your medical treatment, or any issue with your payments, medical insurance or even any travel issues. Fit to fly, etc. Your personal assistant will answer all your questions and they will also be able to help you with any logistic matter.

Please do not hesitate to contact us:



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